Project aim
1. Creating and developing a new Samsung HR brand in Russia
2. Creating a unique Data Science society of specialists and experts around Samsung HR brand

Project tasks
  1. New Samsung HR brand popularization among the Russian Data Science society as a leading technological RND company at the Russian AI-market
  2. Conducting regular activities like meetups, hackathons, online contests, educational programmes
  3. Attracting leading AI-experts to participate in regular activities with the purpose of forming a new Samsung HR brand
  4. Attracting and selection of Data Science members to staff
  5. Increasing Data Science member and Samsung management competence level through unique educational programmes developed by leading AI-experts (for speaking one language with the society and candidates)
  6. Developing a digital platform as a united communication system of external specialists and experts with Samsung HR brand and internal employees and experts. The digital platform is also to include a united through CRM system which joins all the Samsung society members as well as their CVs and digital tracks on participation in regular activities.
Lead generation
Subject events and online activities are instruments for leading new members to your society
We recommend a messenger-first approach when projecting digital platforms
Web-interfaces are also necessary
News, event announcements, a blog, useful content
Society administrator web panel
CRM, analytics, distribution, polls, etc.
Personal communication with the society members, check-in for events, important announcements
Daily communication inside the society
The following offer is based on our experience on uniting 5000+ specialists in AI Community during1.5 year.
That enabled us:
To assemble a base of 500+ young and talented candidates
The largest AI-society in the Eastern Europe and CIS
To gather a development team of 20+ people
Our own development team has successfully carried out 30+ projects
To pool 200+ market experts
Most of the experts are acting market top company employees
To pool 50+ teams and startups
Teams and startups which have unique technological decisions
It would've been impossible if we hadn't carried out more than 30 technological events in 12 cities, including:
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Innopolis, Naberezhnye Chelny, Tomsk, Minsk, Kiev, Rostov-on-Don, Tyumen, Irkutsk

expert sessions


AI Today cases
A meetup with invitation of 70 AI Community experts to get feedback on the bank internal AI-products

Result: 2 specialists were hired
A hackathon on the support service automation

Result: 3 out of 10 teams were taken for a pilot
An expert foresight session with invitation of 20 market experts to exchange knowledge and industry development viewing

Result: 20 participants developed priority product directions and a road map
A two-day hackathon on AI-decisions for musical streaming product

Result: 23 teams (offline + online), 3 engineers were hired
A two-day hackathon on AI-decision development for webinar organisation platform

Result: 15 teams (offline + online), 2 engineers were hired
AI Today
Workshop on Product Design chat-bots

Result: 26 participants, 5 candidates
Important conclusions
Accumulative effect
The accumulative effect from regular event organisation was seen in 9-12 months
Loyal audience
A society is a loyal audience which is ready to get actively involved in events and other social activities
Access to candidates, expertise, technologies
The society allows to pool selected specialists, experts and teams which are ready to join projects
Teams we've helped with HR brand development
We'll be happy to share our experience in forming a society of loyal and talented IT specialists
Pavel Doronin
AI Today General Director and AI Community founder